Our First Product - Why the Keychain? Part 2 of 2

Why the Keychain? The Story Behind Our First Product

At Crafted Memories, every product holds a story, and perhaps none is as foundational as the humble keychain, which marked the beginning of our journey. Today, we delve deeper into why this small item was not only our first choice but also a cornerstone in building our company.

A Simple Start with Significant Potential

When we first envisioned Crafted Memories, our goal was to create a product that could convey personal sentiment in a practical form. The keychain emerged as an ideal candidate for several reasons. Firstly, during our initial brainstorming and market research phase, we noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, personalised keychains. The listings on platforms like Etsy had good traffic but mixed reviews, especially regarding delivery and customer service. This observation hinted at both a demand and an opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the decision to start with keychains was greatly influenced by practicality and feasibility. We already owned a laser engraver, which was underused at the time. This tool was perfect for creating detailed, custom designs on small items like keychains. Starting with a product that required minimal initial outlay allowed us to test the market without the financial risks typically associated with launching new products. The laser engraver ensured we could maintain high-quality craftsmanship right from the start, critical for building a brand rooted in quality and customer trust.

Monitoring Feedback and Sales

Choosing the keychain also allowed us to implement a real-time feedback loop from our customers. By monitoring Etsy sales and customer feedback, we could quickly adjust our designs, improve our service, and better understand our customers’ needs and preferences. This immediate and direct feedback was invaluable and helped us fine-tune not only our product offerings but also our customer service approach.

Why It Was a Good Idea

The choice to launch with keychains proved to be a wise one for several reasons:

  • Versatility and Appeal: Keychains are universally used and appreciated, making them a perfect gift for a wide audience. Whether for house keys, car keys, or as decorative accessories, keychains serve a practical and aesthetic purpose.
  • Customisation Potential: The flat surface of a keychain acts as a blank canvas ideal for personalisation. This aligns perfectly with our mission to provide custom, thoughtful gifts.
  • Marketability: Keychains are easy to ship, handle, and package, reducing logistical challenges and allowing us to focus on product quality and customer interaction.
  • Scalability: Starting with a less complex product allowed us to scale our production up or down based on demand without significant overheads or changes in operation.

As we expanded our product range to include personalised teddy bears, jewellery, and more, the lessons learned and the reputation built from our keychain venture provided a solid foundation. The keychain was not just our first product; it was a stepping stone that embodied our values and vision, setting the stage for everything that followed.

Continuing the Legacy

The success of our keychain line has been a testament to our focus on quality, customer service, and personalisation. It remains a beloved part of our catalogue, a reminder of where we started and how far we have come.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. At Crafted Memories, we continue to innovate and expand, but always with an eye on the personal touch and care that our first keychain represented. Join us as we continue to create, personalise, and cherish the art of gifting, ensuring each product not only opens doors but also hearts.

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